Dont be held back by an old site: migrating to a new domain or server is easy.

Migrating your Wordpress database to a new domain doesn't have to be a hassle.

Database Migration

When you hire Open Wave Digital to redesign an existing Wordpress website, we will move your database and uploads files to either a new domain or a new server. In addition to WordPress, we have the ability to migrate Drupal, Squarespace, and custom CMS sites, as well.

Our experience with handling data means we will export you database from your existing site, and we will upload it to your new site.

To protect the valuable goodwill you have earned from your past Search Engine Optimization strategies (i.e. backlinks to your website, your position in Google search results, etc.), we will make every effort to keep your existing URL's intact. Doing this will maintain your search engine rankings.

Development Enviornment

Instead of coding on your live website, we will rollout your new website in a development environment that we can make available for you to access. This development environment will allow us to propose website designs and features, which we can adjust to your preferences. At this stage, we can also test the quality of the data export and import processes. If there are any coding errors, we can identify those and make adjustments to the database's coding or make amendments to the import file, if any issues arise due to one-off special or foreign characters.


Because Open Wave Digital can host your website, we can manage all of your migration and hosting needs in one transfer process.

We will protect your backend with two-factor authentication or SSH keys, along with other proven server-side security strategies.

Please get in touch today for a free website migration consultation.