WordPress is a popular platform for website development. Indeed, Open Wave Digital develops many websites for its customers based on the WordPress platform. WordPress is popular, in part, because it is an open source project that allows many developers to contribute features and tools via plug-ins. Plug-ins extend the performance of WordPress websites by adding new functions. Some functions that can be added to WordPress websites via plug-ins include fields and tips that help improve a website's search engine optimization, or SEO, for example. Yoast produces a very popular plug-in for SEO.

Many of the plug-ins developed by avid WordPress developers are available for free, whereas some plug-ins with premium features are made available by subscription. The result of the robust development of plug-ins is that webmasters enjoy WordPress functionality that is continually enhanced and expanded.

Over the years, WordPress developers have coded and released plug-ins that provide many excellent features or tools. For example, there are plug-ins to inject code into the headers and footers of websites (necessary to verify websites for some third-party services), to compress large images (to improve the redering speed of websites), and to verify that humans are visiting your website (to prevent automated trolling). By now, plug-ins exist that can add most features contemplated by webmasters.

Sometimes, though, individuals or businesses seeking to develop a new website need custom features or solutions for specific personal or business needs. Open Wave Digital offers custom consulting services that can provide custom website development solutions. For a recent client, Open Wave Digital was hired to develop a WordPress website. With this mandate came the request that all of the e-mail accounts of subscribers to the website had to be kept up-to-date in a specific contact list in a newsletter service. When developers at Open Wave Digital searched the available plug-ins for WordPress websites for possible solutions, no plug-in could be found that could perform this task. Therefore, developers at Open Wave Digital programmed a custom data solution that would meet the functionality needs of our client.

The custom Python script developed by Open Wave Digital and made public on GitHub exports a list of all e-mail accounts of a website's subscribers, and the script compares that list with a specific contact list in a popular newsletter service provided by Mailchimp. This script reconciles the two lists, and it ensures that all website subscribers are in the Mailchimp contact list.

Open Wave Digital believes in helping our clients achieve their goals. We can provide custom programming solutions to meet the personal and business needs of our customers. If you or your company are having trouble finding the correct plug-in to meet your goals, or know you need something unique, we will help build a solution.

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